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The Best Way to Store Breastmilk

There are different factors that affect how long can humans’ milk be healthy for babies. These factors include milk volume, temperature fluctuations in the freezer, and the room temperature when the milk is pumped. By reading this article, you’ll figure out the best way to store breastmilk in the freezer. Moreover, by storing breastmilk properly,… Read More »

Maintaining a Healthy Mental Health

When we are talking about health, we always think about physical health first. It is always the most emphasis that we place first when it comes to health, physical first. But we often neglect another part of health that we need to focus on. These two parts of health need to go along only then… Read More »

Understanding Data Migration: Types and Advantages

In optimizing business in digital services, many companies are now migrating massive data. Data migration is one of the crucial processes in the midst of technological advances that continue to develop. Implementing this migration process can provide benefits for business progress. Moreover, today’s modern era business relies on big data. So it means that the… Read More »

Top Concerns when Picking a Medical Lab Bench

When you say lab bench, it actually pertains to the working bench or their working station. This is why when one is shopping for a medical lab bench Malaysia, he must make sure that the material used can withstand the chemicals that might be possibly used.  If you check online, you will find that there… Read More »

Pursuing Medicine In Or Out of Malaysia

When it comes to pursuing an education in medicine, Malaysians rarely even consider studying in Malaysia. They often opt to study abroad in countries like India for example when pursuing their degree in medicine. Despite the multiple opportunities that are provided by the Department of Education in Malaysia, there are many Malaysians that do not… Read More »

What is the role of a medical assistant?

Medical assistants work in physician offices, hospitals, and other health-care facilities, doing administrative and clinical tasks. Their responsibilities vary according on the practice’s location, specialty, and size. Features Medical assistants usually perform the following tasks: Keep track of the patient’s medical history and personal information. Take a reading of your vital indicators, such as your… Read More »