Maintaining a Healthy Mental Health

By | August 16, 2022

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When we are talking about health, we always think about physical health first. It is always the most emphasis that we place first when it comes to health, physical first. But we often neglect another part of health that we need to focus on. These two parts of health need to go along only then we can achieve good health. One cannot overtake the other. Two of them need to co-exist and co-align in order to have happy and healthy lives.


When it comes to health, it needs to be both in an equal standpoint. One cannot triumph over the other. Let’s just put this into perspective. If we are to continuously only look into the health of physical only, and we neglected the side of our emotions, feelings, and more, then as well we will not be happy and yet still filled with resentment and feel like we have not done enough and vice versa as well, if we only look at our mental health but pays no attention to our physical health, it will only result in the same way and that is we will feel unhealthy and unhappy about it too. Health really is not only physical but it is two that are in alignment. 


With that being said, we believe that to care for physical health is something very well known and there is no need to specially talk about it and therefore we are going to go into the side of mental health and wellbeing. It is something that we may not always talk about and it should be more emphasised


What is Mental Health?


Mental health includes the emotional side of things, Psychological and also social wellbeing. All these affect how we think, feel, act, make choices and also how we relate to others. Mental health plays a very important role in our life and this is something that we cannot ignore and deny. It is essential, just as important like physical health.


How to maintain Mental Health?


When we talk about mental health, it is very important that we talk about self-care. Self-care means taking time and doing things that help you to improve your health, like doing something that you like to do is also a way when we are talking about self-care. Here are a few that can help you maintain mental health


Exercise regularly


Exercising is something that we all should do. It does not need to be going for a basketball session or even a badminton session but walking for around 30 minutes and walking everyday is already good enough. That alone would boost your mood, improve your health and of course if you are to do more like playing basketball or badminton with friends, full on exercise session then of course, the better it is. If you like to exercise then it can also boost a hormone called Endorphin and that helps you to regulate your happiness, the feeling of joy, accomplishment, satisfaction and even esteem. 


Sleep well


Sleeping is not a waste of time. This is something that we need to put out there first. Sleeping instead of calling it a waste of time, it is when the body is repairing itself, to re-energise your body and this includes the brain. It is there to help you recuperate from the day’s stress. So do have a good sleep schedule and don’t forget that you need to always have a good rest.


Try a relaxing activity


It is a benefit if you find something that calms you down. It can be an activity or something that quiets your brain down. Can be painting, watching a drama, listening to music, you can even do Yoga if you like that or meditation. But staying relaxed is something that you need to do to keep a good healthy lifestyle. 




Maintain or to achieve an Endorphin spike. Like we have said before, endorphin is a hormone and it comes from when you do something that you like. Like again, we have said before that exercising releases endorphin hormones and may make you feel accomplished and more, provided that it is what you like to do. So with that being said, it is important for you to find out what makes you have that joy in your life. There are many activities that you can get endorphins from. If you like to solve puzzles and you manage to complete one, or setting goals and achieving results, you will also get an endorphin spike. If you like to go out with friends, staying connected to laugh with them, talk with friends and have that social life, if you like that, you will also get an endorphin spike, because it is something that you like to do. Just by practicing to be grateful to think positive, you can also get an endorphin spike. So it is very important to find out what suits you the best, that makes you joyful. 


There is actually one more way to achieve an endorphin spike if you are suited for it and that is sexual health. It is not something that everyone is suitable for but maybe it is for you. So if you have a partner of course, talk with your partner. If you and or your partner wants to wait until marriage but you want to fulfill this pleasure, then you can still achieve it by self pleasuring and that is where sex toys will come in handy and if you want one then you can Buy Secret Cherry Vibrator Malaysia, you just have to go to the internet and look for it. As we have mentioned before, it may not be suitable for everyone but if this is something that suits you and makes you happy, why not? 

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So, there you go, some of the ways to maintain a healthy mental health and it is very much important for you to always be healthy and strong, both mentally and also physically. It is not something shameful or something that you should be shy about. Mental health is just as important as physical health. We just have to know how to take control and get this healthy lifestyle.

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