Pursuing Medicine In Or Out of Malaysia

By | July 18, 2022

When it comes to pursuing an education in medicine, Malaysians rarely even consider studying in Malaysia. They often opt to study abroad in countries like India for example when pursuing their degree in medicine. Despite the multiple opportunities that are provided by the Department of Education in Malaysia, there are many Malaysians that do not even start considering to apply for mbbs degree in malaysia.


Why do they leave? 

To answer the question of why most Malaysians leave for other countries when they want to pursue a degree in medicine, there are quite a few answers and some of them are on relatively touchy matters. 


Some of the issues are related to the state of the value of the Malaysian Ringgit currency. With the value being very inconsistent and dropping in recent years, Malaysians find it hard to keep earning money only to have it still be not enough in the situation of going out of the country to work. This issue also leads to people seeing that although they want to immigrate, working in Malaysia can mean that they are still not financially capable of leaving the country even after years of earning. 


Some issues are related to the system that is in place, most high level positions are only available to a certain race of people and the most common would be that of the Malays. The hardships of being a non-Muslim in Malaysia is something that a lot of Muslims in Malaysia tend to not acknowledge. This is not entirely their fault as they do not go through the same treatment as the non-Muslims. Working and studying hard for years only to fall short due to prejudice is a hard fall. 

Thus, leading to the decision to leave Malaysia to pursue their further education.
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Should They Stay?

A very important question to take into consideration when talking about this issue is the question of “Should they stay?”.
The tricky answer behind this question is that there is a benefit and a loss that comes with the migration of Malaysians to other countries in pursuit of further education in medicine.

The benefit that would come from Malaysians leaving the country to study their degree in medicine is that in some cases, Malaysians leave the country to get a higher education in order to return to Malaysia with better qualifications and experience to contribute to the Medicine in the country. This also would be beneficial because it would improve the quality of the healthcare in this country.


However, when Malaysians leave to pursue an education in medicine in other countries, the offers that they would achieve from studying abroad would have a relatively high tendency to keep them out of Malaysia when the offer is too hard to turn down. These Malaysians are part of the group that would leave the country and not return to work in Malaysia, this meaning that Malaysia would lose highly skilled individuals to other countries. Therefore, it would be better to suggest students that wish to pursue medicine to remain within the country and apply for their mbbs degree in Malaysia. 


Understanding the Reality

In reality, not all Malaysians would leave the country in pursuit of higher education. But the undeniable portion of them that do, have reasons that are mostly justifiable and have years of experience when it comes to the hardship of being a minority and pursuing education with the factor of prejudice that exist within the system. But to those who chose to stay and are successful, they contribute greatly to the success of Medicine quality in Malaysia. 

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